Your Career

The remarkably diverse range of modules on this course provides you with an equally broad array of career options. Assessments will upgrade your critical thinking, writing, communication, and creativity, equipping you with a skill set in high demand among employers in business, education and the creative industries. Graduates are well equipped to pursue careers in marketing, advertising, professional writing, publishing, education, law, events management, or media. This course is extremely well suited to prospective teachers because it covers the full breadth of the discipline of English included in the National Curriculum. 

‚Äč*Whilst this is a new course and therefore no graduate statistics for this specific course are available, 100% of graduates from this subject area at Huddersfield are in work and/or further study fifteen months after graduating (HESA Graduate Outcomes 17/18, UK domiciled graduates).

This course is the perfect choice for anyone who loves all aspects of English: analysing the intricacies of language, reading and interpreting great stories, and developing the knowledge and confidence to write your own. The modules give you a broad perspective on English, so you're equipped for an equally broad range of careers. Another advantage is that the second and third years offer tremendous flexibility, so you can sample all varieties of English study or immerse yourself in whichever you like best.

Senior Lecturer English Literature

Dr Todd Borlik, Senior Lecturer in English Literature